Lead Generation Eco System

In today’s business world, your lead generation process must have an eco-system of marketing channels to take your buyers on their journey to come to you.

So what is lead generation? Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. We recommend that your lead generation uses digital channels such as online and social techniques.


Your business’ online identity is your website. It is like your store to attract customers. Just as you would keep up a good image of yourself and your business, you should do the same for your website. The importance of a good website, the looks and feels of it is what draws the reader in and convert them from reader to consumer.

At Curate Bee, we use WordPress that help you make your website easy to create and manage as well as being cost effective.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Wordpress is free and it was created by a community of developers. With each new release, they fix bugs, add new features and improve performance. In other words, if you don’t update your WordPress site, you are risking your website security, reduced website functionality and not compatible with internet browsers.  Curate Bee offers managed WordPress hosting which means that we take care of all technical updates with your website and ensure that they are fixed so that you don’t lose a minute of not having your website working.

Social Media

When you’ve got your website good to go, you turn your attention to your Social Media profiles to obtain leads. Good Social Media does not happen overnight nor by accident. Good Social Media involves strategy and co-ordination before execution. Your profiles need to be consistent and have meaningful content to engage your followers.  Your potential customers follow your social media profiles and can contact you to work with them.  Without an optimised profile and engaging content, you miss out on sales opportunities.   If you are budget conscious, check out our Lite.Social packages!

Blogs & Newsletters

With our DNA, we can produce blogs and newsletters on your behalf so that no one knows that we are doing all the work behind the scenes.

Aside from the initial set up, we only bother you for the approval before it is published.  This means that we take care of research, writing, editing, proofreading, designing and include royalty-free images as part of our content services.  You can just focus on your business and leave the content marketing with us.

Google & Facebook Ads

When you are paying money to get your branding out there, you expect results.

At Curate Bee, we partner with Acquisio, a machine learning software that optimises your advertising by working 24/7 on bidding every 30 minutes so that you get a better return on your advertising budget. We help you from designing and setting up a landing page, working out the best keywords and deliver you weekly reports so that you can see the results for yourself.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps improve your search engine rankings as more and more people do not move away from Page 1 of search results.

Aside from advertising, you can make sure your prospective customers can find you by ensuring that your website is optimised to be found by popular keywords and the ever changing algorithms by search engines.  It is almost a full-time job making sure that your website is optimised but it is worth it!


As your marketers, we use analytics across all our services. With analytics, not only do we analyse for you how well your campaigns are doing, we will also manage and adjust your campaigns based on the feedback so that your campaign is heading toward your goal.








It’s important to ensure your website is SEO-optimised and Google-friendly so that you have a higher chance of reaching your target audience. Normally $375 per audit, we are providing FREE website audits for a limited time. Give it a try and see how your website stacks up!

Audit My Website

It has been a delight to work with Curate Bee on a new website as well as get their team’s expert feedback on a new suite of products we will be releasing in the content and social media marketing space. The team at Curate Bee combined professionalism, a keen sense of graphic design as well as a deep knowledge of content curation and social media marketing.

Shastri PurushotmaNewzSocial

If you want people who listen to what you need and take a genuine interest in your business goals, then Curate Bee is the company for you. They care about my business, we talk regularly, we share ideas, and the results are encouraging.

Siwan LovettAustralian River Restoration Centre

Curate Bee’s Lite Social is easy to use, saves time and has become a game changer for my professional social media.

Stephen OkkonenVanzwan General Insurance Plus

Curate Bee did a great job on our website, with a strong design eye and designing great user experience. They understood very very quickly what we did and what was required. They were a pleasure to work with. Brilliant in every way.

Janine CahillTeazl

We’d like to thank Curate Bee for their valued assistance.

Cameron OrrMKP Finance

The results exceeded our expectations and that was due to the CurateBee team being innovative, responsive, and very value driven. They certainly elevated Ektron’s profile in Australia and more widely in SE Asia!

Steve WalkerEktron

A truly outstanding product and service and I can’t wait to see how this transforms the way small business utilises social media. Thank you team for a truly terrific solution.

Sabiha VorajeeHigh Value Woman

Curate Bee provided exactly the kind of professional help I needed to establish my small business web site. I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful, knowledgeable or responsive service.

Vol NorrisVol Norris Shared Journeys

Personally, as someone who is short on time and for the right industry, I think Lite Social is very useful. I already intend to use it again once my own business is up and running.

Ben DokterCarhood
I have been using Sandra’s service [Curate Bee] for the last few months and I can honestly say we are seeing the return on investment of having a consistent and robust content plan across social media and with our email list.  This is translating into high value clients not through spruiking but by reinforcing our position as an authority in our space with quality content, and being front of mind.
Simone NovelloPartner2GROW

The insertion of the articles in Linkedin and Twitter [on my Lite Social campaigns] was a breeze. Very easy!

Christian MuzardThe SME Think Tank

I found Curate Bee to be an enormous help in boosting my online presence without spending the hours needed to find articles. Having potential articles presented to me each day where can add comments to and post to a variety of my social media platforms was of enormous benefit in enhancing my business profile.

Michael McGowanMortgage Choice

A huge vote of thanks to Sandra D’Souza and the team at Curate Bee. They’ve done an amazing job at updating my website. Check it out here: www.synthesisgroup.com.au

I’ve had website updates before and some have been challenging—wow, this was different! Aside from great technical knowledge, they simplified the visual appearance and back-end, had an easy to follow process, explained what was being done and created an environment that my team can manage. I was so impressed with the result. I’ve signed up to hosting services and have other projects in the pipeline for them to help me with too.

Can’t recommend Sandra and her team more highly!

William PeggSynthesis Group

Sandra D’Souza from Curate Bee presented her analysis of our company’s social media presence. Her assessment was thorough and clear. Curate Bee has a seamless and streamlined set up, with clear communication and accountability across all areas of the business. I would highly recommend their services.

Susan FarquharCalla Property

Sandra is clever, funny and helpful when it comes to social media requirements. I would suggest you give her a call when you are planning your social media strategy!

Daniel BlighElevate Property Group

Featured Clients

We have the pleasure to work with some amazing organisations. Here are a few of our favourites:

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