Using Social Media to Boost Lead Generation Efforts

Using Social Media to Boost Lead Generation Efforts

Ever since its birth, social media has become an avenue for engagement and communication for people from different parts of the world. In digital marketing parlance, engagement can be in the form of likes, reactions, shares, comments, retweets, and hashtags.

As this pillar of digital marketing continues to grow, it also continues to be a pot of gold for businesses. A business that has a solid presence on social media can often generate more leads and conversions through social media marketing. To clarify, lead generation is the initiation of a person’s expression of interest in your products and services, and social media can play a huge role in boosting your own lead generation efforts through the techniques below.

Know Your Audience

Before you even start making a social media account for your business, you must know who your ideal online audience is. Think of this as an exam that you must study for. By knowing your ideal online audience, you will know which particular social media platforms you should use.

Remember that it’s not about the quantity but the quality—you don’t have to use all social media platforms for marketing your business, just the right ones. And determining which are the right ones will depend on what you offer, your target online audience, and which platforms they are most likely to use. For example, if you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn could be your primary option while those who are into fashion or food services may want to consider Instagram as part of their plan.

Content is King

Another key tip for generating more leads via social media is to write and post quality content that is compelling and your audience can relate to. This is something you shouldn’t ignore; content gets three times more leads than paid search advertising after all. This just goes to show that content really is king.

Here are a couple of ways to further optimise your content on social media:

  • Use images or videos that are related to the content
  • Keep the caption short and simple

Consistency is key. Publishing quality content and posting it on social media is a great way to attract engagements and encourage more people to spread the word, leading to more followers you can leverage for your digital marketing efforts. And it doesn’t have to be viral content—evergreen content, while often less sensational, can produce more consistent traffic and views in the long run.

Publishing gated content can also be an effective way to get more leads. Gated content is content that is being locked away and a reader can only get access to it if he or she provides contact information. You must be careful in using gated content though and make sure that what you offer is valuable enough that having access to it in exchange for contact details won’t seem like a bad deal.

Talk to Them

You want to get more leads via social media? Then do what social media was primarily made for: connect and communicate with your audience. Acknowledgement is key. For example, if a complaint arises, ask them why and be professional and respectful in how you respond. Don’t wait or, worse, ignore what your followers have to say. If they posted good things or feedback about you, thank them. Marketers have made it clear that audience engagement plays a crucial role in social media marketing—and connecting with them is a great way to promote engagement.

Communicating and engaging with your audience also tells them that you value them and what they have to say. They’re more than just mere stats in your view and are your partners in achieving more business success. They’ll appreciate this perspective and will relate to and view your brand in a more positive light, leading to better reviews which, in turn, can enhance your online reputation.

Audiences also feel appreciated if businesses reply to their inquiries fast. A business who has an engaging personality on social media has a better chance of attracting new customers and retain old ones.

The Free Trial Strategy

This strategy is simple: offer a trial version of your products or services in exchange for contact details and promote the content on your social media platforms. This allows you to gather more details (e.g. email addresses) you can use to follow-up on those who used the free trial. As with gated content, make sure you actually have something of value to offer as part of the free trial.

You don’t have to offer the full version; you could just offer the features that allow your customers to see the benefits of the product without giving the entire thing. This can encourage them to actually purchase the full or premium version if they found the trial product to be at least satisfactory.

Hold a Contest

Aside from posting content and videos on your social media platforms, give your customers something fun to do that could also benefit your business by holding interesting and engaging contests. Contests can attract new audiences which results in an increase in followers. Additionally, since they drum up curiosity and buzz around your brand, contests can also serve as great lead generation tools—if you are offering the right prizes to the right people.

For example, if the prize you are giving away is something that everyone wants, chances are you are going to have participants who have no idea of what you are selling. To ensure you get quality sign ups, find a way to target the people who actually use products and services similar to what you offer.

Expert Help Goes a Long Way

There’s a big reason why today’s businesses are using social media to market their products and services: it serves as a great tool to reach a wider audience, interact with potential customers, and gain more leads and conversions.

However, it can get confusing and even intimidating, especially for the uninitiated. If you’re having difficulties with social media marketing, we at Curate Bee Digital are here for you. We offer a host of social media marketing services as well as expert advice that will help you gain more ground in the digital marketing race. Contact us today to know more; we’ll be more than happy to be of service to you.





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