Types of Images that Encourage Social Media Engagement

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” In 1911, famous American editor and journalist Arthur Brisbane wrote this message on a newspaper article discussing journalism and publicity. While written content is indeed a powerful tool for communication, expression, advertising, and marketing, there is something about pictures or visual images that make them more potent and effective at attracting attention and conveying messages.

Today’s social media perfectly illustrates the power of images to capture one’s attention. Various market research have shown that images posted on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter command more attention than plain text alone. According to experts, pictures and images got shared more and received more comments, likes, retweets, and clicks as compared to written posts.

As a marketer, it is important to take advantage of the power of images to command attention and convey messages. However, it isn’t enough that you just use the first picture you’ll find. It is also essential that you use the right images to send the right message and encourage more social media engagement.

Product Shots

According to Bob Cargill, every brand has a product to display. As such, it is important to show your social media audience something tangible. Use quality images to showcase the main selling points and key attributes of your products or services to get your prospects talking. This will let them know what it is that you have to offer.

Team Pictures

For owners of mum and dad shops who pride themselves in providing their customers with hand-made goods, “team pictures” are a huge help. They humanise your brand and allow your customers to know the people behind your products, giving them the impression that the goods you are selling are indeed made by those who really know their stuff. Cargill stressed out that people do business with real people so it is very important to do everything you can to show the human side of your brand.

Fan Pictures

Taking good care of the community you have built on any social media site is one of the best ways to obtain the continuous support and loyalty of your brand advocates. To give them the attention and appreciation they deserve, you should feature fan photos on your social media stream from time to time. Tag them and make it all about them. By shining the spotlight on your fans and followers, you can expect more support and loyalty from them in return.

Exclusive Shots

It is common knowledge that something gets more valuable if it cannot be found elsewhere. So use images on your social media campaigns that give your audience a sense of exclusivity. Provide them with a peek behind the scenes or an exclusive shot of your upcoming product. Take them backstage and show them how your products are made to stir their interests and encourage them to participate in online discussions.

DIY Graphics

“Creating your own visuals from scratch is a great way to add variety to your stream and call more attention to your posts,” Cargill said. It is also one of the best ways to increase your engagement and social media reach, he added. Therefore, you should consider creating your own graphics and images for your social media campaigns.

You can also try creating infographics, which combine data, words, and pictures to inform, educate, and entertain your audience. Today, there are a wide variety of software and apps, such as Photoshop and PicMonkey, you can use to enhance the overall look of the images you create and share online so take advantage of them to get better results.

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