Social Media: Getting Your Employees Involved

Social media is an essential part of running a successful business. However, a business can only be as strong as its weakest link. What this means is that it is not enough to use social media yourself; your employees must be involved as well. These people are the glue that holds your business together and like the secret sauce of successful business social media use.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Chances are good that the majority of your employees already use some form of social media for personal purposes. This makes it all the easier to get them involved in your company’s social media sites. Ask your employees to advertise for your business on their personal pages. If possible, offer incentives for them to do so. In fact, many businesses have found success in turning employee social media use into a contest. Here is an example:

Whoever gets the most friends to connect to the company page wins <insert prize>

Not only does this boost employee morale, it get everyone to work harder for a common goal.

Building Customer Friendships

Encourage your employees to be active on the company social media page. You can do this by making some or all of them administrators of the page. This way they can interact with customers one on one. Depending on the type of business you run, you can also require your employees to open their own social media page just for company use. For example, if you run a salon, have your hair and nail technicians open their own business page to advertise their services. For personal care service businesses, people usually choose their favorite artist and stick with them. If they have their own personal business page their customers can go there to get deals, make appointments, ask questions, etc.

Team Building

Maintaining a social media page for a business takes time and effort. For these reasons, it is not feasible to make your social media platforms successful on your own. This is where your employees come in. Build teams to work on different aspects of the page. For instance, customers enjoy looking at photographs, so put together a team of employees to work solely on graphics. You can also build a team to update the page with new sales, discounts, contests, etc. By team building you can make sure that every employee gets involved in the success of your social media platform(s).

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