Tips for Taking the Boredom out of Your Business Newsletters

Nifty Tips for Taking the Boredom out of Your Business Newsletters

Businesses around the world know for a fact that retaining and gaining new customers are two of the most important things they must do if they want to stay competitive. With that in mind, different digital marketing methods and strategies were created to keep customers informed of new products, events, and services. One noteworthy strategy many businesses use to achieve this goal is creating newsletters.

Newsletters are defined as documents containing information on past, current, or future business-related activities, company updates, or product developments, or any useful content relevant to the business. It may be part of a regular campaign or sent as standalone content for special events or occasions.

The challenge with creating newsletters though is getting the email recipients to finish reading it. Sometimes, even just getting them to open it can be a struggle. So, how can you make engaging and interesting newsletters that people on your mailing list will actually read? Here, we’ve come up with a few key tips for taking the boredom out of your newsletters.

An Interesting Subject Line

If you want to get your audience to read your newsletters, learn to create interesting subject lines. First impressions last as they say, and in this case, the subject line can either make the reader open your newsletter or relegate it to the trash bin.

Review what the newsletter is all about and write the subject line in a way that it would attract attention and, at the same time, be related to the content. This is an important point since 47% of subscribers check newsletters based on their subject line. You could try making the subject line interesting by telling the readers that your newsletter offers something of value or enticing, may it be an important announcement, useful tips, or a new product promo. The objective here is to get them to open and read the newsletter, but not by fooling or lying to them through the subject line.

The Design Angle

Compliment a brilliant subject line with a visually engaging design. The design factor plays a key role in making your readers be more interested in what the rest of the content has to offer. The design is not limited to the background image; simple elements such as the font color and the content layout can do wonders in making your newsletter be more visually appealing.

The Swiss running shoe company ON is a good example of a business that creates aesthetically pleasing and effective newsletters.

Be Engaging

Sending out polls, surveys, and quizzes are effective ways to stir up engagement between you and your customers. You can use the information you get as a guiding tool in improving future newsletters. Ask your subscribers what sort of topics they want to read about and how often they want to receive updates. This will make content curation easier and give you an idea of how to present your newsletter content and how often you should send them updates.

The Power of Visuals

Another effective tip is to incorporate infographics, videos, and images into your newsletters. The use of engaging and relevant visuals can actually improve the probability of your readers retaining information presented in your newsletters by 65%.

41% of marketers prefer using info graphics while 25.7% are more inclined to use videos in their newsletters. The use of visuals in marketing content actually rose by 130% from 2015 to 2016. This stat serves as proof of the increasing popularity of using visuals as an effective way to enhance digital marketing efforts

Make it Personal

Marketers have discovered that when they personalised their newsletters for their subscribers, the open rate is significantly increased. This goes to show how even just a little bit of personalisation can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, simply mentioning the recipient’s name can already make it seem that the newsletter is more than just another automated, run-of-the-mill email you send out to everyone.

Personalisation also gives the impression that you actually treat your subscribers as more than mere entries in your email database. It shows that you view them as people, know a bit about them, and value their feedback.

Proper Content Use and Delivery

Digital marketing puts the spotlight on the proper use of content for marketing purposes. The effectivity of the content will depend on how relevant it is to the overall topic or message you’re trying to convey. For example, if you’re drafting a newsletter to let your subscribers know about the latest company updates, go with content pieces that are relevant to your business’ development.

Another important factor in writing newsletter content is to make it easy to read and understand. Be clear, concise, and straight to the point to avoid boring out your audience and confusion. Remember that people usually have very short attention spans when reading content online.

How effective a newsletter will be depends on key elements such as how it is constructed overall, the content and design, and its intended audience. When done right, it could be a great way to deliver updates, market your products, or simply inform. If you find yourself struggling with creating newsletters however, don’t fret! At Curate Bee Digital, we have a host of digital marketing services to fit your every need. This includes content marketing and creation—we’ll create for you effective content, from blogs to newsletters, to help drive your online marketing goals. Contact us today to know how we can help.

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