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How to Write Effective Meta Descriptions

Think about this: You are consistently writing excellent content, optimising your website, and implementing different search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies—and yet, you’re still not on the first page.

One thing that might be causing this problem is the fact that you’re having trouble writing effective meta descriptions.

When written the right way, meta descriptions will boost your page or content’s search ranking. The question now is, just how can you create effective meta descriptions?

So, what are Meta Descriptions?

Let us first understand what a meta description is. As technical as it may sound, a meta description is basically just a short summary of what a page contains. It appears in search engine results and is situated below the meta tag.

Meta descriptions can help brands have better-ranking pages. However, it is also important to know that it also acts as an opening line—just like an email subject—that helps convince people to visit your site or view your content.

Now that you know what a meta description is, let’s discuss key tips in creating them.

Be Length-sensitive

When writing meta descriptions, you should consider its length. The ideal length for meta descriptions should be between 135-160 characters including spaces. If it exceeds that character count, it won’t be visible in its entirety in the search results. Instead, an ellipsis (…) will follow.

In creating a meta description, you should be mindful that every character counts and therefore should be careful in choosing the right words to include. However, an important element should always be present: keywords.

Include the Right Keywords

In SEO, keywords are the words or phrases people often search for in search engines. This is why it’s important for brands to identify the right keywords for their content and each page of their website.

For example, if your blog talks about the necessary steps in creating a strategic plan, your meta description should contain “strategic plan” and “steps.” You can find more keywords that can help you in terms of page ranking through keyword research. We also recommend consulting with your SEO specialist to identify the keywords you should use.

Adding the right keywords can bring the right audiences to your website. Digital marketers should also remember that how a meta description is written is just as important as using the right keywords.

Be Grammatically Correct

When you find the right keywords, start formulating a sentence that makes sense. In short, be grammatically correct in writing meta descriptions.

If those online spot grammatical errors in your meta description, they will expect the rest of the page to have the same errors. As such, it’s likely they’ll ignore your page and go to another site. Of course, this is something you don’t want to happen. In the long run, using meta descriptions with grammatical errors will also negatively affect your online reputation.

Businesses should remember that the way they write and convey their messages online, whether through a simple meta description or a lengthy white paper, speaks of who they are. If you want to be perceived as a credible brand, your sentences should make sense.

What’s in It for Them?

At the end of the day, the tips above won’t really matter if your content or website offers nothing of value. Remember that one of the important things about marketing is knowing what consumers want or need.

As such, think of the following questions when coming up with a website or online content:

“What can I offer them?”

“What makes this different from what others offer?”

“How can this benefit the viewers?”

“Can this satisfy their needs and wants?”

These questions guide marketers in formulating a product advertising copy. The same can be said for meta descriptions. In writing the copy, marketers should draft a meta description that encourages audiences to visit the page based on what they are looking for or are interested in. Of course, your page or content, as we’ve said, should also deliver.

What We Can Do

If ever you need help in creating better meta descriptions or in other aspects of digital marketing, we are here for you. Curate Bee Digital is a digital marketing agency that aims to help businesses achieve more growth and success by offering a host of effective digital marketing services, from social media management and SEO-SEM to content creation and email marketing. Our goal is to help brands build a strong online presence, and we have the tools and experience to do just that.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to give us a buzz.

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