How to Use Facebook as a Solid Content Marketing Platform

By Sandra D’Souza

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular social marketing platforms these days. Everyday, millions of people across the globe are logging on the site and spending a considerable amount of their time sharing and liking posts and content with their friends. This is one of the main reasons why brands and marketers are keen on using Facebook as one of their main online marketing channels.

However, a recent study has shown that Facebook’s viability as an effective content marketing platform is slowly diminishing. According to the study conducted by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, for many consumers, being a fan of a certain brand is mostly a passive activity, with 77% of them saying they interact with brands on Facebook by reading posts and updates. Only 17% of consumers directly interact with the brands and only 13% actively post updates about the brands they like.

If you’re using Facebook as one of your primary content marketing channels, the results of this study are indeed quite alarming. However, there are still simple ways for you to enhance social engagement and make Facebook as a solid content marketing platform.

Interactive Apps

In an article on, Britt Klontz explained how creating and integrating interactive apps to your Facebook page allows you to better engage your followers. She said apps, such as videos, games, discussions, and reviews, encourage more people to click and share your content. In addition, they also help convince your fans to tell the world what they think about you.

Exclusive Access

Offering exclusive access to events, special deals, or fun pieces of content is a great way to engage fans and create new likes, Klontz revealed. According to her, providing your fans with access to exclusive and free content makes them feel rewarded just for returning or visiting your Facebook page. But if you think you need to spend money to offer exclusive access to various marketing stuff, think again. Klotnz said it doesn’t always have to be expensive. For example, she suggested writing an extensive guide on a subject matter your audience will be interested in. Then, you can host it in a microsite and give the access code to your loyal fans.


“The hashtag makes searching easy and it engages fans in a way that encourages their own creativity,” Klontz said. As such, make good use of hashtags whenever you post content on Facebook. Take Nutella, a very popular brand of hazelnut spread, as an example. According to Klontz, Nutella incorporates the #spreadthehappy hashtag throughout its Facebook content. The company also uses the tag to invite fans to share photos, videos, and recipes using Nutella. As a result, the hashtag enables the brand to get better online visibility and effectively engage its followers.

What makes Facebook a good online marketing channel is its ability to facilitate direct contact and interaction between a brand and its target customers. As a marketer, therefore, you shouldn’t use Facebook simply as, what Klontz puts it, a “one-way advertising pitch machine.” To make Facebook a solid content marketing platform, you should use it in a way that actively encourages your fans to directly interact and communicate with you.

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