How to Get More Twitter Followers Using Good and Interesting Content

There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms in the world today. With over 500 million people across the globe using this micro-blogging site everyday, there is no doubt why businesses, organisations, celebrities, and even government agencies are taking advantage of Twitter’s marketing prowess.

However, being successful on Twitter is not the result of filling your feeds with praise about yourself and your business or organisation. Being successful on this miro-blogging social media platform is about using content to influence and reach out to your target market. But how do you exactly use content to gain more Twitter followers and subsequently generate more sales?  Here are some practical tips to help you get started.

Start building content that interests your target market.

Social media is about interacting, sharing, and creating a bond with your audience or followers. Twitter is no different. As such, when creating content, keep the things about you and your products to a minimum. Instead, focus on what interests your customers. While traditional marketers may think this is counterproductive, this strategy is one of the most effective ways to get more followers on Twitter. It is because more often than not, many of your customers are not really that interested in you or your products. Unless you can connect with them emotionally, they won’t care about what’s happening with your business.

However, if you can create interesting content that engages and emotionally connects with your target market, and then carefully and subtly integrate your products/services into them, you can create a big and loyal fan base that trusts your brand. Associate your products with feelings, lifestyles, or thought-provoking information and you’ll improve the chances of your tweets being re-tweeted (which increases brand exposure) and having more followers.

Integrate your blog with your Twitter account.

Content marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. So if you have a blog, make sure you integrate it with your Twitter account. Tweet “juicy” snippets of your new blog post to pique your followers’ curiosity and encourage them to check it out. Social media experts said “witty,” humorous, and even sarcastic (to a certain extent) posts usually generate a lot of responses from the audience so you should try building such types of content. But no matter what kind of content you are creating, make sure the information you’re providing is something your target market can trust.

Engage your followers.

In order to gain more followers on Twitter, or any other social media platform for that matter, you have to engage your followers. Communicate with them and answer their questions patiently. Take the time to respond to their feedback. After all, it can be unnerving to ask someone and then receive no reply in return.

While the main objective of posting content on Twitter is to attract attention to yourself or your products/services, keep in mind that you won’t get favourable responses from your target audience all the time. After all, you cannot please everybody. Even the biggest and the most popular brand names in the world drew flak from their Twitter followers from time to time.

Some people are afraid to respond to negative comments because they simply don’t know how to deal with them. What if they said the wrong thing? What if their followers took their words the wrong way and instead of improving the situation, it created a huge misunderstanding? Their lack of knowledge forces them to keep silent, which is definitely a big no-no on Twitter.

Others, however, do respond to negative comments and at times, these responses result in what is popularly called as “Twitter wars.” In their bid to defend their brand name, people lose their composure and say things they should not be saying. As a result, not only they lose Twitter followers, they also lose their integrity and credibility as a noteworthy brand.

Negativity on Twitter is something that must be avoided at all times. If you get unpleasant or negative comments for the content you post, you should respond and make sure you do it positively. As the saying goes, “don’t fight fire with fire.” Make your followers understand that you care and value their feedback, no matter how positive or negative they may be.

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