How Facebook Can Help to Increase Your Businesses Exposure

By Sandra D’Souza

Social media is not just for friendly conversations and sharing photos with family and friends anymore. Businesses are finding it to be an invaluable tool as well. While there are many forms of social media, Facebook is the one that started it all and continues to be one of the top social media platforms to help boost business in extreme ways. Keep reading to find out how Facebook can help your business flourish like you always dreamed it could.

Friends of Friends of Friends

Facebook is a great way to connect with people. If you already have a personal page with many friends on your list, these are the first people you can target. Creating a business page and inviting your Facebook friends can help your information spread like wild fire. Think of it just like another form of word of mouth. Here is a good example to help you get a clearer picture of what this could mean to your business:

Personal Facebook Friends- 516

Personal Friends that “Like” Your Business Page- 352

Friends of Your Personal Friends Who Like Your Business Page- 764

See where this is going? By just getting “likes” from your personal friends you can build mountain of Facebook followers! Of course not every person who follows or likes your business page will become an active customer, but the exposure is worth every bit of effort you put into your page.

It Pays to Advertise

When Facebook first launched it was pure social media. However, it quickly became very popular and with popularity comes change. One big change that has occurred on Facebook over the past few years is ads. Once the site owners saw that businesses were taking a solid interest in Facebook they launched a brand new feature – advertising slots. Businesses that purchase ad slots on Facebook have their ads seen on the sides of the news feed pages, as well as on various areas of personal pages. The ads invite people to like your page and check out what you have to offer. Not only can this draw more people to your door but it is a great way to put your company name in people’s minds. Even if they do not need what  you offer at the moment they see your ad, when they do need you they will recall your advertisement on their favorite social media site! Plus, Facebook advertising is cost effective compared to other ad mediums.

Contests, Drawings, Sweepstakes

Nobody can resist the chance to get something for nothing or something at a discount. Once you have your page up and running you can offer your followers the chance to enter contests, drawings and sweepstakes. You can give away prizes or offer discounts to the winners. Another good way to go with this angle is to offer special discounts and offers to only those who like your Facebook page. This has worked well for many companies. For instance, if you run a restaurant you can advertise on site that there are lunch specials that are only open to those who follow your page. Don’t be afraid to get creative. The worst thing that can happen is nothing! The best thing is everything!


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