How Digital Marketing Can Lead to More Conversions for Your Business

How Digital Marketing Can Lead to More Conversions for Your Business

The marketing landscape is now filled with more tools and opportunities businesses can leverage, thanks to the continued emergence of digital marketing. There is no denying that digital marketing has rapidly grown over the past few years to become one of the go-to-avenues for businesses to market and advertise their products and services on more effectively.

One of digital marketing’s greatest benefits is its ability to grant businesses more conversions. For those not in the know, conversions can be in the form of a successful sign up for an event or a promo, an eBook download, or a customer buying a product or availing of a service online. Higher conversion rates result in a higher chance of achieving more revenues. In fact, according to research, businesses who use effective digital marketing techniques gain 2.8 times better revenue growth compared to those who don’t.

But how exactly can digital marketing lead to more business conversions? We discuss this further below so, read on!

Social Media’s Potential

Children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly use social media. What does this mean for you? Simple: Through social media, you’re given a chance to market and advertise to more people. In fact, websites and apps actually use Facebook 53.1% of the time for  log-ins and sign-ups for promos, products, and services.

With social media’s reach, it just makes sense to use it as part of your digital marketing strategy. Those in your business’ target market most probably use it regularly—as most do—so it will be wise to use social media to market and interact with them as well. The added reach means more eyes will view your brand and more traffic to your website or social media pages. This, in turn, ultimately leads to more leads and conversions for your business.

Woo Them with Content

This quote from the movie The Dead Poets Society shows the value of content: “Language was invented for one reason, boysto woo womenand, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.” Putting that into the context of digital marketing, informative and engaging content can motivate the reader to follow your call-to-action or CTA, may it be to avail your products or services or visit your website to know more about what you offer. This results in more conversions for your business.

Content is not only limited to blogs. Newsletters, eBooks, social media posts, videos, and infographics are all types of digital content. The key here is to create them with your audience in mind, minus shady tactics and grammatical errors. Businesses who have excellent writers for creating quality digital content enjoy much higher conversion rates. This shows that producing content is not enough—quality should also be part of your strategy.

Testimonies Matter

Feedback and review management is also part of digital marketing. It focuses on what your customers or target audience have to say about your brand. As such, beyond marketing your business, it’s crucial that you’re still able to produce quality products or services that meet your market’s needs or expectations.

Bad products will lead to bad reviews and good ones will have a positive impact on the way people view your business. This is vital for increasing conversion rates since consumers are much more likely to trust a brand if they’ve read positive feedback about it online.

Make it Mobile-friendly

Do you have a smartphone? Of course you do—more than two-thirds of the world have at least one after all. Therefore, including mobile devices in your digital marketing strategy is no longer just an option, it’s now a necessity.

Don’t delay optimising your content for mobile devices if you want to earn more conversions. Your website’s layout, blogs, social media posts, images, even landing page copies should render properly and be viewable both on desktops and mobile. People nowadays don’t just use smartphones or tablets for social media or sending SMS and making calls, they use it for searching for products and services as well. If your marketing campaigns don’t load properly on mobile devices, you lose out on potential conversions and revenue. This will also affect your brand’s reputation—badly rendered images, text, and ads won’t speak well of the quality your business offers.

Enhance those Forms!

Since more people are now online, the use of contact forms has never been more significant. Forms help businesses transform site visitors or email recipients into subscribers or even customers. As such, it’s important for you to have good contact forms, ones that are easy to understand and deliver the message you want to convey.

In terms of creating contact forms, shorter is better. Research has revealed that conversion rates improve significantly if the form has only three fields.

Go With SEO

SEO is one of the main areas of digital marketing and is focused primarily on improving your website’s search ranking. An improved search ranking will lead to more traffic to your website. The more traffic you have, the more people who view what your business has to offer. This leads to more conversions in the long-term.

There are many tips and tricks to make your website more SEO-friendly. The use of keywords is one of them. Incorporating keyword research in your marketing plan allows you to know which sections of your website can be optimised. The goal here is to put your business near the top of search results when people look for products or services online using keywords that are relevant to your brand.

We’ve emphasised time and again that digital marketing is the future of marketing, and the ability to gain more conversions for your business is a significant reason why you shouldn’t ignore this fact. If you’re seeking expert help however, we at Curate Bee Digital can help. Elevating your business to the next level is our aim, and we have the right attitude, expertise, and services for doing so. If you want to know more about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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