How Companies can Use Instagram for Social Media

How Companies can Use Instagram for Social Media

Currently, there are 123 Fortune 500 companies which use Instagram as a social media marketing strategy. Naming some, we have here Nike, Starbucks and MTV. In fact, even B2B companies like Intel and General Electric are now very active in using this online social networking service.

But what really are the benefits of engaging with Instagram? Below are just few items.

  1. Capability to connect with a wider audience. Obviously, since this is an online practice, your Company is more likely to become prevalent on both local and international clients and customers. It is therefore easier for you to tell the world anything about your Company – your history, what you do, what’s at stake for you in the years to come. You just got to give all your efforts in creating impressive visual ads and content. Make it as striking as you can.
  2. Ability to encourage content creation. Always stress your right brain. Creative skills are required in order to generate something that will incorporate Instagram on your business – be it in Traveling, Sales or even at the Entertainment industry. It is always easy for you to invite your followers to share their ideas and experiences.
  3. Capacity to build your company brand. “Show some personality.” Let the people know how you deviate from your competitors. Take pictures of what is happening backstage. Post videos with your engineers and staff.
  4. Think and host contest or event. After you create an Instagram account, add followers, follow them back, place appealing photos as occasional as possible. Post value-added contests to ensure netizens will stay and more likely to be active in going back to your Instagram account. Make sure you reward them accordingly. Feature the winner on your Instagram account, if possible.
  5. Locate users to have more targeted strategies. Instagram has its geo-tagging feature which allows you to add your geographical location on your photos. Note that geo-tags are transferable from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr so followers and friends without Instagram account can still view your posts. Monitoring the location of your most prominent followers will enable you to think of ways to reach them even more.

Hope these helps! #BusinessInstagram


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