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Still don’t know much about social media marketing? In a nutshell, it’s great for business and, when done right, will certainly enhance your marketing efforts!

Social media marketing tips for beginners


Sandra guests once again in Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 FM to chat with The Business Show hosts Peita Davies and Andrea Turner-Boys to talk about social media’s changing landscape and bringing in leads with social media.

Talking about social media, Sandra stressed LinkedIn’s role as a true social media platform and whether or not it’s recommended to get the premium version.

She also talked about the evolution of social media platforms and why businesses today shouldn’t ignore and overlook social media’s potential in business.

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Sandra D’Souza | Radio Blue Mountains | 01.05.2017


Sandra drops by Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 FM to chat with The Business Show hosts Peita Davies and Andrea Turner-Boys to talk about the amazing things the hardworking “bees” of Curate Bee do.

Talking about marketing in the digital age, Sandra discusses the importance of getting your branding on the digital space, social media for your business, and building a strong online presence.

She also stresses the significance of having mobile-friendly websites and why just having a website is not nearly enough if you want to market successfully via the internet.

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Sandra D’Souza | Radio Blue Mountains | 28.11.2016


Having an online profile for your business comes with a slew of big marketing advantages that can take your business to the next level.

Advantages of having an online profile for your business


Want to be successful in digital marketing? Then don’t fall for these persistent myths!


Sandra checks in with Curtin Radio’s Jenny Seaton on ageism in employment and her book, Social Media for Baby Boomers.

Chatting on the topic of the changing digital landscape, Sandra also explains how Social Media can help baby boomers share their wealth of knowledge and expertise, all of which value-adds to their role in any company.

She also covers why there is a lot of potential for baby boomers to find their voice online and shares a few tips along the way on how baby boomers can get back into the employment game just by polishing up their social media profiles.

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Created by our friends from the Smallville community, this e-book is filled with insights, advice, and useful tips from successful entrepreneurs that will help small business owners make 2017 their best business year yet.

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For those who want to write engaging and excellent content for their brand and audience, this e-book’s for you.

Ebook writing brilliant


A comprehensive ebook that introduces you to the concept of employee advocacy for social media marketing.

employee advocacy ebook cover


Curate Bee’s first ebook that introduces you to the basic of social media marketing and how to get started.

Curate Bee's Marketing guide


Why B2B Marketers should care about social media as part of a bigger inbound marketing strategy.



September 8, 2014

Catriona Pollard, Author, Author of ‘From Unknown to Expert’, also founder and CEO of CP Communications sits down with Sandra for an interview.

August 7, 2014

Does your business have a social media profile? Are you actively using that profile to engage your audience? Should you be having the same message across your different social media platforms? This episode of the Good, the Bad and the Viral talks about why people don’t embrace social media and how you should be using it to converse with your target audience.