Facebook Now Lets You Edit Text on your Published Posts – Finally!

Many social media and marketing managers have experience the annoyance and disturbance after realizing a typo error on their published posts on Facebook. Gosh! Who would want to have haters on this social media world just because of a spelling error? No one, I’m pretty sure.

Fortunately, Facebook recently made the choice to allow its users to revise any text from their old posts. Before, and I’m sure anyone would agree, it was somewhat upsetting when all you could do was delete your previous post just to correct it – more or less it is because even the likes and comments would be deleted. But worry no more! All you need to do now is look for the down-pointing arrow on your post, click “Edit Post”, type in the revisions you want to make, and click “Done Editing.”

Facebook, this is something that I’m perfectly sure all users will LIKE!

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