Emerson Spartz Shares His Secrets To Making Content Viral

Emerson Spartz shares his secrets to making content viral

Emerson Spartz is a one of a kind person, who as a teenager had already accomplished more than most people did after they finished university. After completing a degree in Management Consulting from the university of Notre Dame he is now CEO of his own online media publisher ‘Spartz’. He is also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite only organization that gathers the world’s most elite and successful entrepreneurs from nearly every industry whose goal is to assist and mentor new, young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Emerson Spartz shares some tips and tricks to making online content go viral that don’t require you to embarrass yourself.

He tells the difference between making viral content that has a great message that makes it go viral and having a great messenger or influencer that makes it go viral. He himself prefers the former.

You should always make virality depend on a great message as opposed to a great messenger or influencer promoting mediocre content.

He refers to a method he calls ‘bribery’ where you tell the viewer to refer a friend by offering them something e.g. a 5% discount on one of your products, some stickers or you’ll donate something to charity.

By using ‘gates’, you can hide content that requires calls to action to unlock e.g. referring friends to unlock by sharing or subscribing to your newsletter.. Use the simple technique of asking viewers to share or refer to a friend, clarifying that you have to have a side of aggression to be able to promote your own content.

Good content is key to making something go viral, as people are bombarded with so much that they rarely share anything and what gets shared is good content that creates an emotional response e.g. cute animals, nostalgia and even anger (however he  suggests taking care when envoking negative emotions).

As a final tip, whenever you post something on Facebook attach a photo as the news feed algorithms is twice as likely to share the content than posts without a photo.. And when tweeting, you should retweet the same message at different times of the day to target a worldwide audience.

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