Content Curation Strategies to Improve Your Influence

Creating and publishing good content is a sure-fire way to get greater online visibility and expand your field of influence. But did you know that you don’t have to create meaningful content all the time to achieve your online marketing goals? Believe it or not, you can just find good content online and share them with your community to improve your influence.

This strategy is known as content curation. Considered as the “lesser known brother” of content creation, content curation is, according to Beth Kanter, the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organised way around a specific theme. When you curate content, you hand-pick web content you consider to be the most relevant and highly suitable for the needs, interests, and wants of your online community.

Content curation, however, is more than just amassing content from a variety of reliable sources and then sharing them with your readers and followers. You also have to develop certain strategies to ensure that the articles, videos, or infographics you share online will be appreciated and re-shared by your audience.

Know what your followers want

To be able to share meaningful and valuable content with your target audience, first, you must know what they really want. According to Razvan Gavrilas of Search Engine Journal, it is essential to learn who your target audience is as it is the foundation of a fruitful content curation career. The types and topics of the content you’ll share will ultimately depend on the tastes and interests of your readers and followers. Therefore, you must conduct some research and get to know your audience better so you can select content they cannot easily ignore.

Identify the social media “hangouts” your audience frequents

As someone who wants to expand his or her influence, it is important to strut your stuff where and when there are people watching. As such, it goes without saying that you should identify your audience’s favourite social media platforms as those are the places you’ll want to share curated content. Posting on social networking sites frequently visited by your audience helps improve the chances of the curated content being seen and re-shared.

Keep them fresh

If you want to better engage your audience, always provide them with fresh content. According to Razvan, you should take the time to monitor the news and blogging platforms your followers are using daily to ensure that all the content pieces you are sharing and curating are always fresh, timely, and relevant.

Also, see to it that you deliver them as fast as you can. “Use real-time curation platforms so you can create and share the information while it’s hot,” Razvan said. One platform he recommends is Twitter. He pointed out that Twitter gives you the opportunity to share the same content over and over again to make it more visible.

Reinterpret them

If you want to give the curated content you’re sharing a personal touch, you can reinterpret it. Instead of just taking the information and forwarding it without making alterations, you can add your own insights, commentary, or interpretation. Although this strategy usually takes some time to accomplish, it gives your audience the impression that you really do care about their interests and you actually take the time to filter and feather a piece of content to make it more palatable for your readers and followers.

As compared to content creation, content curation requires less effort and is less time-consuming, but it can be just as rewarding. If you don’t have the time to come up with your own content ideas, content curation is indeed something you should consider doing to improve your influence.

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