Facebook Advertising Business Benefits

The Business Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Numerous social media platforms have been created and developed through the years. However, one platform currently rules the social media landscape: Facebook. With over 1.39 billion users, Facebook continues to evolve with more features being added to make user experience more meaningful. With its growth and prominence, Facebook is usually seen as the most important social media business platform for marketers.

For some time now, companies have made Facebook advertising a priority in their social media strategy, motivating them to look for social media agencies that could provide assistance. Facebook advertising has generated a lot of benefits for marketers, such as giving SMEs a chance to compete against established brands when it comes to digital marketing.

However, we won’t be surprised if many are still doubting Facebook advertising’s potential. If you’re one of them, let us open your eyes to the truth via the insights below.

Target the Right Market

Identifying the target audience is one of the goals for marketers which they can accomplish through extensive market research. Once you’re done with identifying who your target market is, let Facebook advertising do its magic. With Facebook advertising, you have the option to set up your posts so that they’ll be seen by your target audience.

You can be even more specific with your targeting by specifying the age, interests, behaviour, and location of your target audience. By narrowing down your demographics, you can better reach the people or groups you want to reach.

It Can be Affordable

Facebook advertising, compared to traditional modes of advertising such as TV and radio placements and giant billboards, is a lot cheaper. Well, “cheap” in the sense that you get to choose how much you are going invest to get your ad in front of the right people. This flexibility allows SMEs to heave a sigh of relief since they wouldn’t necessarily need to spend a lot in terms of promoting their brand, which is really important if you’re just starting out.

Even as low as $27 can already help you reach 1000 people daily, depending on certain factors such as your brand’s popularity and target audience. However, if you take a more in-depth look at Facebook advertising, you’ll know that it’s not about how much money you spend but rather how far your money will go and how you plan things. The greater the investment, the better the results.

It Generates Engagement

It is always a goal for marketers to have their ads generate engagement. In Facebook, engagement can be in the form of likes or reactions, comments, and shares.

Aside from the fact that it builds a relationship between you and your audience, engagement is also a great way to enhance your ads’ reach. Based on Facebook’s algorithms, if a specific post presents high engagement (consistent increase in shares and likes), it will be cheaper to promote and can still reach a wider audience, increasing the possibility of gaining more leads and conversions. This presents us with another lesson in digital marketing: creating interesting ads that drum up buzz leading to more engagement is key.

Increased Traffic

Your blog or website won’t deliver the results you want if only a few will read or visit it. This is another area where Facebook advertising can help. You can use it to expose your blog or website to more people, especially those who are part of your target audience.

This added exposure will lead to an increase in online traffic which you can then leverage to gain more leads or conversions. And, depending on the quality of your content, this can also boost your brand’s reputation. You can actually think of Facebook advertising as a bridge that connects your online content to the very people you want to target.

Stats and Figures

Facebook advertising not only allows you to push ads, it also lets you monitor and track the results. It includes options for monitoring items such as the budget spent, reach, and impressions. This gives you the ability to know how your current campaigns are doing and if it’s okay to continue or if you should pull the plug.

By knowing how well your ads are performing through Facebook advertising’s key metrics, you’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. In a way, Facebook advertising is a learning process, one that enables you to create better ads in the future through insights, stats, and experience.

Through adequate planning and thorough market research, Facebook advertising will do wonders for your business. To increase your chances of success, we recommend seeking expert help, especially for those new to digital marketing. If you don’t know where to start, we at Curate Bee Digital are here for you. We’re a social media agency and digital marketing agency in Sydney that provides a wide range of high quality digital marketing services, from online ads and pay-per-click advertising to content creation and SEO-SEM. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help your business reach new heights

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