Bee Story –

So you’ve heard so much about the term: marketing. What does that really mean? And what does that really mean for your business?

At Curate Bee, we see and believe in the results of what effective marketing can do for our happy clients. Our goal with every client begins with talking to you and getting to know what your business is about, much like a friend would provide you a listening ear. We then discuss which of our packages or services suit you and start delivering your marketing activities behind the seen. We completely replicate your brand so that no one knows that we are doing the work for you.  You will get a consistent and methodical approach to your marketing activities which provides you leads and brand awareness. The end result?

We help you gain an outstanding online presence that is authentically you so that your prospective customers can find your business.

Our client vision is for you to have a digital legacy of your knowledge and experience so that you continuously inspire people in current and future generations.

Bee Values –

Solve customer problems

Provide affordable, unique solutions which fit customer needs – as they perceive them.

Be able to grow fast

Have an easily scalable business model and be ready to change as needed.

Find great customers and take care of them

Find customers who are willing to pay for your solutions and want to share their positive experience with other potential customers.  Use them as path-finders into the future.

Build a committed team

A team who are very talented, work together well, and passionately motivated by a common purpose realising that different talents are needed at different times in the growth cycle.

Promote profitable growth

Set prices that ensure profitability, seriously positive cash flow, and support rapid growth.  Manage costs – think Lean.

Be Flexible and Open-minded

Keep evolving everything to meet changing customer interests.

Bee Team –

Sandra D’Souza

Sandra D’Souza


As CEO and Founder of Curate Bee, Sandra’s passion is in helping businesses gain an awesome online presence that is authentically you. From strategy to implementation, Sandra nurtures the team and customers throughout the process. Start a conversation with her over twitter and LinkedIn!

Jackie Reogo

Jackie Reogo

Marketing and Client Relations Manager

Jackie is integral to the marketing strategies as well as client and project management within the team. She values great customer service and works with the Bee team in executing
superb marketing campaigns.

Neps Firmalan

Neps Firmalan

Content Manager

Neps is the Content Manager for Curate Bee, weaving all things content from writing to editing. As a Bee wordsmith, he delivers quality content to clients that cuts through the digital noise and engages audiences.

May Galiste

May Galiste

Senior Marketing Supervisor

As a Senior Marketing Supervisor, May oversees various marketing tasks for the Curate Bee Digital team. In her free time, she makes sure she hangs out with her cats or do some solo travelling to unwind and recharge.

Mary Faith Valleser

Mary Faith Valleser

Management Accountant

Faith is the Team‘s new (and very hardworking) Management Accountant. When she’s not busy dabbling in numbers and finance, she’s most likely riding her motorbike and exploring new places. She plans to travel the world and have her own consultancy firm in the future.

Sunday Gumera

Sunday Gumera

SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist, Sunday analyses, reviews, and implements changes to clients‘ websites to make sure they’re optimised for search engines and help increase online traffic. His favorite quote is "Make life a ride," which makes perfect sense for him since his main hobby involves riding his motorcycles to explore new destinations.

Jaishiari Angana

Jaishiari Angana

Multimedia Designer

Jai is the team‘s multimedia designer and is in charge of tasks such as creating posters, video editing/animation, and web design. When he’s not whipping up something visually creative for clients, you’ll probably catch him playing the guitar, cycling, or doing outdoor activities such as cycling.

Bee Partners –


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