5 Tips To Get You Blogging The Right Way

By Sandra D’Souza

Simple layout is best. Too much clutter will distract your readers from the content which is the real reason they are on your blog. Avoid placing any irrelevant content and ads within the blog posts and make it easy for users to navigate from one post to the next.

  • Clear and hierarchical typography (headings and body text) will help present your blog in an easy to read format. Choose fonts wisely and relate them back to your blog personality. For example it’s easier for a baking blog to use a fun font than it is for a financial advice blog as it may dilute trust in the latter.
  • White space is great space as it allows you to accentuate images and content. Avoid flashy backgrounds and if you do happen to have lots of colour, use white borders to highlight key parts of your blog.
  • Make it easy to search. A blog means a number of posts and as you grow it becomes increasingly important for your users to have a quick and seamless way to get to the content they want. Whether it’s by tagging your content, providing advanced search or categorising your posts, design your blog with content archiving in mind.
  • Have a responsive layout. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, your users will want to be able to read your blog without having to constantly pinch and zoom. Lots of blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr offer responsive options so be sure to check them out.


This article originally appeared in http://www.learnmarketing.com.au/content-marketing/5-tips-to-get-you-blogging-the-right-way/

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