4 Pinterest User Stats That Will Help Your Business

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Over the last couple of years, Pinterest has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media sites in the world. According to Forbes.com, since the site was launched in March 2010, it has attracted 70 million users and the figure is expected to grow further in the future. This makes Pinterest a very attractive online marketing channel to drive traffic to your site, and creating brand awareness among new audiences.

But before you can determine whether Pinterest fits the strategy for your business, it is important to determine who are using this social media platform:

Who’s pinning?

Citing a recent study conducted by RJMetrics, Ashley Zeckman of Search Engine Journal has revealed that women far out-pin men on Pinterest. According to the study, approximately 80% of Pinterest users are women. Female pinners are also far more active than their male counterparts; for every pin posted by a male there are 15 pins from females.

What are they pinning?

Over the past year, the average female Pinterest user has made an average of 158 pins. But what exactly women are pinning? According to the study, 20% of pins fall under the Food and Drink category, 12% are in the DIY & Crafts, and 11% are under Home Decor. Some of the most popular categories on Pinterest also include Holiday & Events, Hair & Beauty, and Women’s Fashion.

Where are those pins coming from?

Every pin on Pinterest links to a website. After weeding out user-generated content sites, such as Blogspot, Tumblr, and Flickr, the researchers were able to identify where those re-pins are coming from and what brands female pinners are into.

Etsy.com dominated the list, followed by Urbanoutfitters.com, Williams-sonoma.com, and Westelm.com. Although Etsy has the most number of re-pins by site, 67% of re-pins were made using the Pinterestbookmarklet. This is a clear indication that placing social buttons, like the Pinterestbookmarklet, on blog posts and other types of web content makes them more shareable.

When are they pinning?

When you look at data on a monthly basis, the study showed that there are seasonal trends in the types of pins users are sharing, according to Zeckman. For example, there is an obvious increase in the number of holiday-themed pins in August, while health and fitness trends expand in the early part of the year.  On a daily basis, pinning times grow throughout the day, with a significant spike in the evening.

Having a good grasp of who your target market audience are and what they really want is an essential aspect of online marketing. Therefore, by utilising these four eye-opening Pinterest statistics, you can successfully integrate the social network into your overall marketing strategy.


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