4 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Lose You Visitors

By Sandra D’Souza

According to research, 94% of people do not trust a particular website because of its design. This shows how vital a website’s design is. After all, if people don’t trust your website because of how it looks, you’re losing out on customers or visitors.

However, having good website design is only a part of the equation. It is also important to ensure that all key elements of your website are organised, functional, and relevant to your niche or industry. They should load quickly, too, because nobody wants to wait a long time for a webpage to load. If you’re creating and designing a website for your business, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Creating complex navigation. Creating a complex navigation system is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit when designing a website. Always remember that one of the main objectives of your site is to enable visitors to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Otherwise, it will frustrate visitors and cause them to leave

To make navigation much easier, you can divide your content into sections that visitors can identify easily. Experts recommend developing a site that branches out from big ideas to smaller ideas. For instance, your home page identifies your business and who you are. Then, links within the page take the visitor to subpages that contain your products/services and so on. This kind of layered approach works very well for many web users. Setting up a search box and allowing users to search for specific content will also help. And more importantly, don’t forget to get rid of dead links.

Crowded images and content. As much as possible, don’t cram too much images and content in a single webpage. If your site has a bunch of pictures, links, and blog posts scattered throughout a single page, visitors will have no idea what they’re looking at. Not only it makes the site look cluttered and hard to read, it also distracts visitors from your website’s goal. Always remember that simpler is better.

Auto-playing music and/or videos. While it is great idea to embed multimedia on your website, make sure they don’t play automatically as soon as someone visits your site. Your visitors may be at work, in a library, or somewhere else where loud audio might cause them to quickly close their browser or navigate away from your site. If you’re going to embed music or video on your site, you should always give visitors the choice to watch and listen to them or not.

Content that loads slowly. It was said that an average person will wait a maximum of seven seconds for a webpage to load. Any more than that, he will leave and go to one of your competitors. Therefore, you should avoid excessive flash images and content that load slowly. Use simple images and texts instead or invest in a server to reduce your site’s loading time.


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