Emerson Spartz Shares His Secrets To Making Content Viral

Emerson Spartz shares his secrets to making content viral

Emerson Spartz is a one of a kind person, who as a teenager had already accomplished more than most people did after they finished university. After completing a degree in Management Consulting from the university of Notre Dame he is now CEO of his own online media publisher ‘Spartz’. He is also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite only organization that gathers the world’s most elite and successful entrepreneurs from nearly every industry whose goal is to assist and mentor new, young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

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Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr

On the 20th of May 2013, Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo for a reported of 1.1 billion dollars according to The Wall Street Journal.

CEO of Tumblr David Karp told Tumblr users that they should not worry about changes that could come to the site. Yahoo confirmed that he will still be the CEO of Tumblr and that the two companies will operate independently.

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Australian B2Bs: the Social Media Challenge

Last month, a government-funded study entitled Australia’s Social Media Presence in 2012: The Roadmap for 2013, revealed some surprising news: Australian B2B businesses are struggling with their online profiles, electing not to use social media to its full advantage because of a mistaken belief that social media is all about the individual and not the company. The most influential B2B companies in the social media sphere include The Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, Vodafone and BMW, yet the majority of companies are falling behind because they feel that online marketing is mainly a B2C company strategy.

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The Ultimate Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Lunametrics have put an amazing infographic together displaying the size components of the six most commonly known social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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Facebook for Business


A platform that internet users across the globe are adopting at a staggering level.

With over 845 million active users a month from which 50% log on each day and spend at least 20 minutes per visit1, Facebook is the foundation for true digital social engagement.

So how can Facebook be used for business purposes? The 5 steps below that should enable you to unlock the social engagement for your brand on the social media giant.

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