2013: What Can We Expect?

It’s that time of the year again where we take a stab at what’s to come this year. Here are a few educated guesses (in no particular order) on where things are headed in 2013.

  1. Content marketing is all the rage and brands will start thinking more like publishers. Companies will use visual and text-based content to embed their products and services into conversation, rather than simply push marketing them.
  2. Mobile will overtake desktop. A lot of us already use smartphones and tablets as much as if not more than desktops and laptops but 2013 will see this become solid in statistics.
  3. Visual marketing will explode. 2012 has emphasised how well-executed visual and video marketing can be attractive, easily digested, work globally and increase engagement. This will grow exponentially in 2013 as brands try to cut through the noise.
  4. Advertising will shift from demographics to behaviours. This will trigger a massive evolution in the way media sellers track and serve advertising to brands who will expect targeting by psychographics, lifestyle behaviours and social activity.
  5. Facebook will offer more to businesses. The company has already played with a numbers of ways for brands to target and engage customers, and this year we will see premium analytics as well as bigger, better content creation and engagement options.
  6. Personal computing will take on a whole new meaning as we add goggles, watches, bracelets and more to the devices we will use to interact with technology. (And you though mobile phones were invading the family dinner.)
  7. Geo-based interaction will increase. Social and mobile are becoming increasingly co-dependant, so it makes sense for everything that we do on our smartphones and tablets to be specific to the time and place we are in as well as the people we are with.
  8. Sensory intelligence will become more pervasive. Everyday objects in and around the house will have sensors allowing them to essentially self-program and adapt as you use them.
  9. Social commerce will accelerate. This isn’t new and we’ve seen it in 2012 with the launch of new features from existing social networks such as Facebook Gifts as well as many startups, but it’s only just picking up steam.
  10. Already established products will be re-visited and built in new innovative ways. We saw this in 2012 with the LIFX light bulb, Pebble watch and Rise clock app, and we can expect more in 2013.
  11. Better capturing and publishing options will be available for consumers as we continue to express our creativity digitally. Be it through better mobile camera design and functionality or via new publishing apps, 2013 will see options for consumers to create content in many exciting ways.
  12. Eco-friendly ways to tackle everyday things will emerge and the dependence on paper will dramatically reduce. New startups that have the green advantage will see higher chances of success.

With all these predicted trends it’s going to be an exciting year for the digital space – what do you think?

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