12 Tips for an SEO-Friendly Christmas (and Beyond!)

HOHOHOHO! Each and every happy and hardworking bee in our little Hive would like to wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Christmas!

As the “most wonderful time of the year,” we know that the holiday season is never complete without presents. Therefore, in the spirit of giving, we are actually sending you all an early Christmas gift!

However, we won’t be climbing down your chimneys (and eating your cookies and milk after)—that’s reserved for the jolly old man in the red suit. Instead, we will be giving you 12 highly effective and proven SEO tips that will make your SEO days a lot merrier this Christmas and beyond via the festive infographic below!

And, with the New Year just around the corner, you can use these to have a fresh and better start in your business’ SEO efforts. Again, wishing you all a Merry Christmas from the Curate Bee family!




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