5 Expert Tips on Creating a Web Series

With the popularity of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe, video streaming is definitely huge on the web these days. But aside from trailers of upcoming movies, vines, as well as music and cat videos, one type of videos that is attracting a lot of attention is the web series. But what exactly is a web series? And as a marketer, why should you be interested in creating one?

According to WebSeriesChannel.com, a web series is like a regular TV series except that you can only watch it on the internet. It is structured the same way as a regular TV series is, with seasons and episodes called “webisodes.” The length of each webisode varies. It can be as short as two minutes or it can be as long as 30 minutes, or even longer.

A web series is a great tool for marketers as it enables them to provide their audience with branded entertainment. It “pushes” a brand’s message, but compared to advertising, a web series is more subtle. In addition, it promotes deeper engagement between a brand and its target market, as well as encourages web visitors to keep coming back. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to create a web series to promote your brand or business, here are some expert pointers you must consider.

Planning is essential

According to comedian, entrepreneur, writer, and filmmaker Amy Rubin, each webisode should be planned carefully. You have to create an outline or a basic idea that you’re passionate about. Otherwise, there’s really no point to creating a web series in the first place, she stressed out. Planning everything carefully allows you to place yourself in a better position to tell a compelling story that grabs people’s attention.

Don’t focus on length

While keeping your webisodes short can help, Rubin said you shouldn’t focus too much on the length of your videos as it can put “unnecessary strain on a script.” Before, video creators are encouraged to keep their videos short because according to the old standard, viewers usually start to lose interest after the three-minute mark. However, Rubin pointed out that as long as you’re consistently providing your audience with good content, it won’t matter to them if your videos are short or long. “If you gain trust with the audience, if you prove that you’re capable of doing something, they’ll watch longer content,” she said.

Stay ahead of schedule

As you may know, consistency is key to succeed in online marketing. Therefore, you should try to stay a few episodes ahead of schedule. According to Rubin, this allows you to maintain a consistent uploading schedule, which helps grow your viewership. However, Rubin warned that it is also a bad idea to create too many videos without verifying if your audience likes your web series or not.

Promote your series

Spread the word about your new web series by using the power of social media and other online channels. Rubin said the biggest thing about creating a web series aside from providing good content is the marketing and promotion of it. After all, how can people watch your series if they don’t know that it exists in the first place?

Engage your audience

As mentioned earlier, creating a web series helps brands better engage their audience. Therefore, make it a point to respond to your viewers’ questions and comments. You should also ask them for feedback so you’ll know how to improve each and every webisodes.

Videos are a great tool for improved online visibility and better brand awareness. So take advantage of their marketing prowess by creating a web series that keeps your audience hooked and captivated. Also, don’t forget to follow the tips discussed above so you can produce quality webisodes for your viewers.

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Emerson Spartz shares his secrets to making content viral

Emerson Spartz is a one of a kind person, who as a teenager had already accomplished more than most people did after they finished university. After completing a degree in Management Consulting from the university of Notre Dame he is now CEO of his own online media publisher ‘Spartz’. He is also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite only organization that gathers the world’s most elite and successful entrepreneurs from nearly every industry whose goal is to assist and mentor new, young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Emerson Spartz shares some tips and tricks to making online content go viral that don’t require you to embarrass yourself.

He tells the difference between making viral content that has a great message that makes it go viral and having a great messenger or influencer that makes it go viral. He himself prefers the former.

You should always make virality depend on a great message as opposed to a great messenger or influencer promoting mediocre content.

He refers to a method he calls ‘bribery’ where you tell the viewer to refer a friend by offering them something e.g. a 5% discount on one of your products, some stickers or you’ll donate something to charity.

By using ‘gates’, you can hide content that requires calls to action to unlock e.g. referring friends to unlock by sharing or subscribing to your newsletter.. Use the simple technique of asking viewers to share or refer to a friend, clarifying that you have to have a side of aggression to be able to promote your own content.

Good content is key to making something go viral, as people are bombarded with so much that they rarely share anything and what gets shared is good content that creates an emotional response e.g. cute animals, nostalgia and even anger (however he  suggests taking care when envoking negative emotions).

As a final tip, whenever you post something on Facebook attach a photo as the news feed algorithms is twice as likely to share the content than posts without a photo.. And when tweeting, you should retweet the same message at different times of the day to target a worldwide audience.

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