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User Experience: The Terms You Need To Know

By Pat Gudhka General terms used in UX and their definitions: Accessibility The attributes and characteristics of a system allowing people with limited vision, hearing, dexterity, cognition or physical mobility to interact effectively with a website. Guidelines are available and certain standards can often be enforced in some markets. Brainstorming A method for generating ideas, […]

How Companies can Use Instagram for Social Media

Currently, there are 123 Fortune 500 companies which use Instagram as a social media marketing strategy. Naming some, we have here Nike, Starbucks and MTV. In fact, even B2B companies like Intel and General Electric are now very active in using this online social networking service. But what really are the benefits of engaging with […]

Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr

On the 20th of May 2013, Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo for a reported of 1.1 billion dollars according to The Wall Street Journal. CEO of Tumblr David Karp told Tumblr users that they should not worry about changes that could come to the site. Yahoo confirmed that he will still be the CEO of Tumblr […]

Australian B2Bs: the Social Media Challenge

Last month, a government-funded study entitled Australia’s Social Media Presence in 2012: The Roadmap for 2013, revealed some surprising news: Australian B2B businesses are struggling with their online profiles, electing not to use social media to its full advantage because of a mistaken belief that social media is all about the individual and not the company. […]